The Therapy Solutions Foundation is a non-profit organization that strives to make therapy accessible to any child in need. The Foundation accomplishes this in three main ways:

  • Financial Assistance Scholarships to pay for therapy
  • Therapy Equipment Loan/Rental Program
  • Summer Therapy Camps

Financial Assistance Scholarships

In the situation where a parent/guardian does not qualify for Medicaid and has a very high deductible insurance plan or no insurance at all the Foundation may provide financial assistance to pay for some or all of a child’s therapy. Parents/Guardians can complete a detailed application on the Therapy Solutions website requesting assistance. The Foundation will then review the application to determine the level of assistance that can be offered. A proposal will be presented to the parent/guardian. If accepted, therapy will be scheduled to start as soon as an appointment is available.

Therapy Equipment Loan/Rental Program

Therapy Solutions Foundation is constantly looking to acquire therapy equipment through donations or purchase. This equipment is stored at our outpatient clinic in Lafayette. When appropriate, our therapist may determine to loan or rent equipment to a family. An example of this would be if a child needed a piece of equipment that we have they could borrow the equipment and try it out before purchasing a piece of equipment for themselves.
If a client would have a longer-need for equipment the Foundation could potentially enter a rental agreement with a parent/guardian. However, this is rare as we prefer to keep the equipment available for parents to use on a trial basis before they purchase their own equipment.

Summer Therapy Camps

The Foundation is proud to offer summer therapy camps. These camps are targeted to speech, occupation or physical therapy. They aim to combat summer learning loss for children that only receive therapy during the school year, offer therapy to children not currently receiving therapy and to offer a fun, new environment to those children currently receiving therapy on a regular basis.
The camps are unique in the fact that they are tailored to the individual needs of the students that sign up to attend. Our therapists will review the therapy needs of each attendee to ensure the planned activities include items that will benefit each child.

To learn more about summer camps please call the outpatient clinic at 765-423-7988 ext 1.